Partner in the logistics sector

Modal Shift - Innovation - Next Generation Fuels - Digital transformation

Partner in the sports sector

"Investment in sports is not a cost, it is an investment in society." - Johan Cruyff

Partner in the life science sector

"Investing in the life sciences is investing in the future of health care and the well-being of society." - Paul Stoffels

Partner in AI solutions and digital transformation

Innovation - Digital Transformation

Holland Partners specialises in initiating and writing subsidy applications and in supervising projects for entrepreneurs, NGOs, knowledge institutions and governments.

Recent Projects

CoVadem: optimal sailing route by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Streetwise14: International street soccer tournaments

ROBO DOCK: Fully automated modular docking station for aquatic drones

"Fangage for Football: Improving fan engagement through audio cameras

Sustainable solution for artificial turf fields with recycled SBR granules

Smart Paper develops durable data loggers with light sensor for conditioned transport

Our successful working method

Personal and professional
We map out all subsidy possibilities clearly with a personal and professional approach and continue to search proactively for new opportunities for our clients.

High chance of subsidy
Over 90% of our grant applications are honoured.

From A to Z
We take care of everything: elaborating the idea, finding partners, writing the subsidy application, the reports and the final settlement.

No cure - no pay
We have confidence in our approach and therefore we like to work on a no cure-no pay basis.


"Thanks to Holland Partners, we are now building the OSF Club Academy with a consortium of 10 parties."

- Camil Smeulders, CEO, Orange Sports Form -.

- Camil Smeulders, CEO, Orange Sports Form -.

"The team at Holland Partners always proactively looks for grant opportunities for us."

- Linda van den Hurk, Commercial Director, SPIRIT solar lighting B.V. -.

- Linda van den Hurk, Commercial Director, SPIRIT solar lighting B.V. -.

"Holland Partners has helped us tremendously with our international expansion." 

- Ronald Hagenstein, CEO, OTFLOW -

- Ronald Hagenstein, CEO, OTFLOW -

Recent news items

2023 Pilots achieve certification thanks to Atmos training and DHI grant

2023 In conversation with RFO Director Abdeluheb Choho

2023 Holland Partners offers entrepreneurs new opportunities with Modal Shift Scheme

Our clients

We represent both companies established in the Netherlands and internationally. SMEs, start-ups, (NGO) organisations, industry associations and governments are welcome at Holland Partners.

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