The projects below are just a sample of our portfolio of grant applications that we have carefully submitted, supervised and reported from A to Z for our clients. The projects are divided based on different themes. We mainly focus on innovation, logistics, circular, lifelong learning, sports, inclusiveness and exports. Our projects range from innovation subsidies for autonomous vehicles, to disruptive hydrogen solutions, as well as subsidies for classic logistics solutions, export subsidies or WBSO applications.

CoVadem: optimal sailing route by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Streetwise14: International street soccer tournaments

ROBO DOCK: Fully automated modular docking station for aquatic drones

"Fangage for Football: Improving fan engagement through audio cameras

Sustainable solution for artificial turf fields with recycled SBR granules

Smart Paper develops durable data loggers with light sensor for conditioned transport

Trimodal launches new Timetable over railroad

SPIRIT Solar Lighting Column to Equatorial Guinea to promote sustainable development and security

RD&S innovates prefab housing construction with sustainable infill mixture

Demonstration of cost-effective machinery and unloading agent for industrial bakeries in China

Development of a new formula for pig feed with prebiotics from selected macroalgae

SPIRIT Solar Lighting and Modderkolk introduce a Smart Connected Water Management System